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Crane Technologies Is Sponsoring a Canoe Race Team in the AUSable River Canoe Marathon

Crane Technologies is proud to be sponsoring a canoe race team in the AUSable river canoe marathon this year. The race starts on July 30th, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Crane Technologies Nominated for Chrysler 2012 “Sustainability Supplier of the Year”

Crane Technologies has been manufacturing Michigan Crane brand-name cranes in Michigan since 1946. As one of the largest OEM crane manufacturers currently in the Midwest, our staff takes pride in being viewed as an industry leader and innovator. Our early adoption of Lean manufacturing policies and techniques has led the way to our current implementation of GREEN manufacturing today. Driving out waste that our company produces is good for both the environment and our future business.

Crane Technologies will eliminate as many as 22,000 pieces of printed paper this year alone due to our paperless inspection procedures. Crane Technologies also performs nearly 5,000 crane inspections each year, and our new process will allow us to electronically and securely store your information on a password-protected website. These inspection reports can be viewed and searched through whenever you need to reference them, and it will be quicker and simpler overall to search for the necessary information than to continue using a paper records system.

We also believe that as we continually re-evaluate our processes, we can continue to find sustainable improvements that will pay for themselves, thereby creating a win-win situation for our team. The type of leadership shown by Chrysler Group LLC is the type of catalyst that pushes smaller companies like Crane Technologies to take action to create a lasting change to the way things are done.

Crane Technologies also congratulates CUMMINS Inc. for their selection as ”Sustainability Supplier of the Year” and the remaining finalists, BASF and SKF, as well.
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Save Money on Hoist Replacement

Unfortunately, some large service organizations are owned and controlled by overseas equipment manufacturers that would prefer to sell you new equipment than repair what you currently have. In the end, their advice may end up being very costly! They commonly operate by offering “FREE” or inexpensive inspection services and make the majority of their money by selling you new equipment.

The typical manufacturing plant in the U.S. has several brands of hoists and cranes. Very few companies have a standard crane brand used in their plants because a number of variables may be involved. Manufacturers have their own applications, price ranges and services that they perform best.

As a consumer, be careful when a large company comes in hoping to sell you their new equipment, rather than fix your current equipment. The “global manufacturer” with “wholly owned” service operations may show a greater tendency to convert your equipment because it is in their best interest and not necessarily yours.

Some of the reasons that companies may push to replace equipment instead of repairing it include:
  • Pressure from ownership and global manufacturers to displace other brands
  • They make large profits on their own parts (sometimes in excess of 500%)
  • They aren’t competitive by offering quotes for parts from competing manufacturers
  • Once you purchase their equipment, you are “locked in” to their plans for service and repair options
  • Replacing equipment takes less skill and knowledge overall than performing the proper repairs on existing equipment

The next time any service organization wants to replace your existing hoist with a hoist manufactured by their parent company, we recommend having an independent appraisal done by a company with the skills to offer repair options. Our company philosophy is to partner with our customers to provide them with the lowest total cost of ownership and to help them maintain their equipment to prevent downtime and increase their crane's effectiveness. Best of all, our technicians are never working on commission, so all the efforts are focused on getting you the best solution for your issues!
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